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The ideal family is preparing for a quick vacation-during the winter holidays they plan to go to the picturesque and incredibly impressive mountains, where there is always a lot of snow, and the local scenery is no comparison. Wife, husband and two children understand and love each other, so the winter holidays promise to be a great family vacation. Others are envious of their beautiful relationship, but are not even aware that all that you have and the "dark side". And the heroes of the movie "Force majeure" on the spot, they just have to rest. On the first day, when family members had lunch at a local cafe,they witnessed a dangerous natural phenomenon-an avalanche. At this moment there was an out of the ordinary event – the man grabbed the phone and ran out of the institution, completely forgetting about his wife and children. During the incident, no one was hurt, not counting the relationship of the spouses, suddenly recognized - they hate each other and even despise. Their relationship instantly changed. Now they become an ideal family only in public. Nevertheless, the heroine begins to torment her husband with hysterics and interrogations. Until the last moment it is unknown if she will know about the true causes of the husband's escape from a café in the middle of the day.

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