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For good reason, the legendary Ridley Scott was in such a hurry with the premiere of "All the money in the world" < a>, tore his hair out during the scandal with Kevin spacey, knocked out the Studio serious finances for re-filming scenes, replacing the disgraced actor Christopher Plummer, and released a biographical drama in the beginning 2018< a> of the year. The rush is explained by the April premiere of this television series devoted to the same topic – the kidnapping of the grandson of the all-powerful business magnate Getty and subsequent criminal and dramatic events. In major roles are collected not less stellar actors, than in movie Scott, and Director gave the legendary Danny Boyle, that in the sum with interesting theme promises quality 10-serial spectacle. oil tycoon Getty is the richest man on the planet, making Jean himself and his loved ones a target for criminals.Any member of a powerful clan is a potential victim for kidnapping with a ransom demand, but so far the security and the instinct of self – preservation saved the rich from trouble. However, with the young man Paul is a completely different story. Every day the heir to a billion-dollar fortune spends as the last-drinking, walking, having fun in the company of the same mischievous fate or cunning clingers who enjoy the generosity and generosity of the young sponsor. br>the grandson of the shamelessly wealthy tycoon does not comply with the safety rules, sooner or later threatens to become a tragedy. And so it happened in the summer of 1973, when in the center of the Italian capital gang of thugs grabbed the heir in broad daylight, threw in the van and drove away in an unknown direction. Soon the family will receive a demand to pay a tidy sum for the release of a 16-year-old boy, and the billionaire grandfather will shock the mother of the kidnapped poor fellow and the whole world with the decision not to pay the ransom.