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  • Drama
The small town of Williston suddenly became a real treat for people who want to get rich. On the territory of this small town was found the main oil field in the United States. The owner of this wonderful place owns huge reserves of black gold. This influential man was a man named hap Briggs. For a long time he managed to study the case like the back of his hand. He worked long and hard and thanks to his efforts was able to earn a decent this time, a young couple of LeFever spouses arrive in Williston. They left all their possessions in the past, in the hope that in a new place they will be able to really get rich. To do this, it took a lot of courage from the characters, but they are well aware that they are taking a serious risk. Left with almost nothing, the young heroes take a new blow of fate: by an unfortunate coincidence, Billy loses his job. It seems that it is simply impossible to get out of such a deplorable state, but the guys were unexpectedly lucky. Playing in the casino has brought a young family a big win, and now they, the owners of a fortune, can buy their land.