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In the center of the plot of the series is otvyaznaya woman named Kate. Once in one of the bars of the city, she meets pitt, a man who is much older than she is. Soon, they married together, and she finds out that she is pitt's third wife. As soon as family life began, in the life of a young woman there were two ex-wife, and Luggage with three children from past marriages. If the heroine wants a good relationship, she will have to establish relations with each of them. The first of the wives named Diana is an excellent athlete with an iron character. In the past, she has participated professionally in the Olympic games, and is currently the mother of two teenagers. Since a woman has no trust in Kate, her children she does not trust her. Despite all efforts, the heroine does not get the location of Hillary, Diana's daughter. But her son shows an unhealthy interest in the new stepmother. The second wife's name was Jackie who at the time of marriage, along with Pete, set the Chinese boy who was called Burt. At the moment, the woman is engaged in the sale of jewelry. The only person who does not allow the girl to go crazy is her friend, who is not unaccustomed to parties and is always ready to help.