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Since ancient times, large and ill-Bergen exterminating little friendly trolls. However, the age-old patience came to an end, and king Pippi led his tiny people away from the clutches of bloodthirsty neighbors. Now nothing prevents kids to enjoy life in the village painted in all colors of the rainbow, safely hidden from enemy eyes in a parallel world. There they carefree sing merry songs to the accompaniment of crickets. Especially fond of music and dancing naive daughter of king poppy, ready all day long to dream and have fun. And her dark friend Brunch – the only one worrying suspiciously quiet life fellow, he stubbornly heralds the imminent attack old enemies and advises others to prepare for the loss, believing that the trolls will not be able to cope with the approaching danger. It is clear when people start listening to his words, it is too late. The Prince grew up Gristly knows about the taste of magic trolls only excites the imagination with stories of parents. But both want to carry on the family culinary tradition! Supported by relatives tired of a fresh diet, the Prince goes in search of tasty multi-colored crumbs. Upon learning of the impending disaster, the king of trolls sends poppy and Branch on the road, led by a team of seven desperate subjects. They must prevent danger and lead the enemy away from the village, until the worst happened.

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