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Mr. Segal's trained to be a lawyer, but he doesn't want to make it big in new York. He likes a quiet quiet life somewhere in the backwoods, so he Packed his bags and moved to a quiet town, where he was just offered a place. The young lawyer believed that he would not be forced to work hard here, and he would watch movies and drink tea all day long. But there it was! Local resident Larry Henderson hires him as his lawyer. Quite a "green" lawyer will have to try to protect him in court, where poor Larry charged with murder. Larry places no hopes on the visitor of a lawyer and does not promise him a million because he will free him. But Mr. Segal himself clearly understands that if he does not cope with this case, his legal career will be ruined and regardless of whether Henderson is guilty of murder or not, he needs to manage to justify it. Moreover, it is obvious that his client Larry does not pose any danger to others, he is a simple teacher, very good-natured and a little eccentric. Segal hires a staff of several assistants and they by trial and error begin to work hard. Because of the bizarre citizens who are actively interested in the course of the case, the young lawyer has not just. In addition, there is a miss Prosecutor who has set herself the task of sending the accused to jail as soon as possible. John Segal is far from being a genius, but he is quite purposeful and still remembers well what he was taught in law school, and this is his chance to become a hero of the whole district, but will he be able to justify the teacher? This situational Comedy will be interesting to everyone without exception, and even those who know little about the work of American lawyers.