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Treasure Quest: Snake Island Season 1 by Discovery download without torrents for free in HD

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  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Channel: Discovery
Language: English
Description: From time immemorial, it is accepted that the criminal world works closely with people from the internal government, which guarantees the first security and complete freedom conceived immoral actions, the second promises a significant and stable material reward. But there are people who can not buy any money. Such Department on fight against crime which became at the head of an adventure anime 18"Artificial selection" online, called"Black mark", 24 hours a day devotes to that catches especially dangerous and inaccessible to other organizations of criminals. What do we see now in the anime Artificial selection online:"Black label" is composed of many steadfast employees, day and night, devoting themselves responsible and important work. Seventeen-year-old boy Mikami Arashi, a recognized school beauty Kiba Mikota, a specialist in explosives and at the same time a talented singer Nashida Oriha, as well as other dedicated sensible guys, devote their lives to the search and neutralization of elusive criminal figures. Everyone had their own way to the" black mark", but Mikami became his employee thanks to the Director of this secret institution and part-time highly professional doctor Mochizuki Masamune, who once miraculously saved the guy's life. Anime Artificial selection, the new series can be downloaded for free at our website now!

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