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Invented by canadian authors, the new fantastic TV series attracted the attention of the Netflix service, which gave the “green light” to the full season. The idea behind the adventure show has huge potential, so there's a chance that Travelers have come for a long time.the Land of the distant future stands on the threshold of the Apocalypse, which can no longer be stopped, but technology allows the last remnants of civilization to send their agents to the past, so salvation is still possible, just to engage in its implementation people should in our days – at the beginning of the twenty-first century.There is only one point that creates obstacles to the implementation of this important enterprise : in the past are not physical people, but only their consciousness, armed with scientific and historical knowledge, as well as moral and ethical code. Agents from the future fall into the bodies of completely random inhabitants of the planet, each with their own personal problems, shortcomings, vices, and begin a long, painstaking mission to save the world…

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