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Original Title: Transporter: The Series
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Channel: TNT,RTL,The Movie Network
Creators: Luc Besson,Robert Mark Kamen
Language: English
Description: Mort - already an elderly man, with three figures adults children-son and two daughters. At first glance, an ordinary family living in Sunny Los Angeles. But one day the lives of these people are turned upside down. This happens after the head of the family invites offspring for dinner. For children it already seems more than strange-the father never suffered excess of parental love.nnPerplexed, they gather in his father's house, not knowing what shock awaits them. At the table, mort announces that he is actually a transsexual. The news strikes children like thunder in a clear sky. Not only are they full of their own problems (Ali's son is unemployed, living on his father's money, his sisters have their own difficulties), but also this unexpected news. In light of this, everyone will not only have to rethink the past, but also to decide how to live with the new information.nnThe title of the series "Obvious" is a pun. The English version of " Transparent "can be translated into Russian and as"parent-trance". Already from this it is clear that, despite the ambiguity of the problem, it will be filed not as a tragedy, but as a very black Comedy. After all, it is dark humor will help the heroes cope with the situation.

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