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Sunnyvale is a small part of the trailer Park. It is here that all the events described in the series take place. The main characters of the film are three friends-Ricky, Julian and Bubbles. This restless trio is constantly trying to make money in illegal ways. Getting from one alteration to another, they come up with new plans. The purpose of each scheme is a jackpot that they will certainly have to break it this time. Julian leads the trio and is the initiator and developer of the next ideas. Ricky is a complexed guy who thinks he's a fool, all he knows is how to grow weed and confuse cops. Bubbles lives in a small shed with a large number of kittens. It is very sad when two other friends quarrel among themselves or end up behind bars. Often their plans fail because of the intervention of the chief of the Park, which is constantly under the degree, as well as his assistant and sexual partner Randy. Throughout the series, the great combinators fall into a stalemate and make mistakes. Their optimism and confidence in success help to find a way out of the tense situation. But the result is always predictable: would-be businessmen end up in prison. The first season was filmed with an ordinary home video camera in documentary style. The creators did not think that the film will receive such great public recognition.