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Original Title: Tracks
Channel: Spike
Language: English
Description: And so our attention is invited to an adventure film based on real events. Which will premiere in Russia on the thirty-first of July. Our heroine is still very young but despite the very brave and impetuous name is her Robin, she by all means decides almost alone to cross the Australian desert Atali-Sprinks, and it's a little bit many three thousand kilometers by all accounts she will have to walk half a year it is at best, if it does not overtake what not be a danger, but to overcome three thousand and without any adventure it is simply impossible. In place with her decided on this crazy journey procession of four camels who are experiencing all of its stocks, a dog that will also make her company and one nice guy who will shoot all the travel Robin on his camera. Here's a simple team decided to overcome such a difficult path, of course the Sahara desert but not a path for the young girl is really difficult. But our heroine from childhood dreamed of making this feat and finally she decided. Although many tried to dissuade her and family and friends, but she decided that would do it. And so Robin went on the road, where it will expect a lot of adventure, surprise, joy and streaking. Well, what will she be able to reach the end, or her caravan will not be able to stay alive? We will know the answer to these questions and many others only after watching the premiere.

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