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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Science Fiction
  • Mystery
"Communication" is an American television series, which is a skillful combination of drama with mysticism. Intricately intertwined, science and the supernatural are quite naturally complement each other. The film underlines how we humans are connected invisible bonds, without knowing it.

the Main characters of the series are Martin Bohm (actor K. Sutherland) and his son Jack. Martin's wife died tragically and he was the only one raising his son. 11-year-old boy is in a difficult relationship with his father, they do not understand each other. All the more that have Jack problems with development, he psychologically closed and socially not adapted. The boy is interested in only two things: numbers that opisyvaet all notebooks, and old cell phones. But when Martin realized that his son had the gift of prophecy, everything changed. It all began with a call to Mr. Bohm in school due to the fact that Jack is not the first time I climbed up the radio tower. Then follows a strange acquaintance with a certain Randy, who has the number 318 tattooed on his body. After some time, this Randy picks the lottery jackpot by guessing the correct number. Then it turned out that he was the last person who saw Sarah (Martin's wife) alive. And the numbers in the lottery meant nothing more than the date of her death ... < p>

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