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Three beautiful girls, thanks to innate talents, ingenuity and dexterity, become spies of the world Organization for the Protection of People. Girls-Sam, clover and Alex - three faithful friends who study together at school and then at the each series, spies take a fascinating journey to another country or countries, fight criminals and intruders, reveal their secret plans and, of course, defeat evil. The animated series is also interesting for boys, thanks to the action-plot, constant fights in each series, as well as intricate weapons of villains. So the series "Totally Spice" watch online will be interesting to any teenager from 6 to 16 years.rn

most admires in the series "Totally Spice" that the heroine is so similar to ordinary girls! Despite the fact that they own martial arts, that they have clever, but cute gadgets, they always remain themselves. Girls manage to combine dangerous work, study and personal Hobbies, so that their way of life – interesting, rich – often becomes a cherished dream of teenagers.each of the heroines has its own characteristics. Sam is a smart girl, an excellent student, interested in science. She has long red hair, green eyes and a green spy costume. When performing tasks, she usually comes up with clever plans and solves puzzles.clover is a bit of a frivolous girl, but you can always rely on her. She has quads, blond hair, blue eyes and a red spy costume. She is well versed in fashion, she has good taste, and she really likes guys. Almost every series she falls in love with some handsome, but, unfortunately, to build a long-term relationship it does not work.rn

Alex is a sweet girl, she likes soft toys, yoga and sports, and exotic food. Alex has short black hair, brown eyes and a yellow spy costume.Sam, clover and Alex are examples of loyal friends who always make up after a quarrel. Spies have many common Hobbies, they always look after themselves and their style, and teenage problems of girls: care about appearance, first love, quarrels with a nasty upstart – so close and clear to young girls growing up!a few words Should be said about the secondary characters. Jerry is the girls ' boss, a role model. This is a cheerful man with already gray hair, strong, experienced and wise. Despite the jokes from girls, Jerry still remains a favorite friend that they will always come to the rescue. Jerry assigns tasks, gives the necessary devices, and in cases of danger communicates with the spies on the electronic compact and sends help.rnMehndi is a classmate of the girls. She always competes with the spies in their "normal life", trying to make them nasty or just let go of some causticity. But mehndi is also beautiful (long black hair and purple eyes) and cunning, and sometimes she beats Sam, clover and Alex in their petty competitions.Bright graphics, good drawing, stylish costumes, exciting travel and a drop of humor became the key to the special popularity of the animated series.