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In the centre of the action crime series online the leader of the young man RA's Nell. He was not lucky enough to live in the small British town of Summerhouse. This city is famous for its crimes and riots, residents are forced to put up with what is happening, and justice is not able to resist criminal gangs. From early childhood, children are taught to handle weapons for the weak, it is simply not survive. At the head of the drug business thriving in the city is Duchamp, he is the cause of all the trouble, everyone knows it, but to do anything you can not. Imagine this situation: it seems to be an ordinary family: a mother, a child, a school, but in fact, to feed the mother's family you have to grow marijuana on your balcony, and your son has to sell it! This is life in Summerhouse. RA ' Nell belongs to a respectable class of people, he despises crime and does not want to live by conventional gangster laws. Until recently, he managed to avoid meetings with criminals, but soon his mother is locked in a hospital for the mentally ill, and who is behind all this is unknown. Now the RA's Nella will have to unite with Dyushanom to achieve common goals, but what are their goals and what can be common between such different people, You will learn if you start to download the series on our website.