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Mysterious and bloodthirsty murders have always occurred, however, in recent years, the number of inexplicable deaths has increased markedly. And who would have thought that all this meat grinder are the real ghouls. For those who do not know – it's supernatural beings that look like ordinary people, but their main difference is an irresistible thirst for human flesh. An ordinary schoolboy from Tokyo Kaneki Ken, with interest gets acquainted with newspaper reports, screaming about the frequent deaths in the city, but the main character could not think that very soon he himself will have to face a real monster. Once in the cafe Kaneki notices a charming girl, literally from the first minutes of acquaintance the guy realizes that he fell in love with her to the ears. Now he is like a little annoying puppy follows his chosen one literally everywhere, and the girl seems to reciprocate his courtship. But that's just the main character of the mystical anime online Tokyo ghoul 2014 and could not imagine how insidious her intentions regarding his feelings. Once alone in a deserted place, the girl reveals the main character its true form, and now between them is brewing a serious battle in which Kanaki clearly losing, but by good luck he still manages to defeat the monster. However, the guy had very serious injuries, and the doctors who collected it in parts, without thinking twice, transplanted his organs of the deceased girlfriend…