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Tokyo residents are scared. On the streets of the Japanese capital roam the ghouls. Horrible monsters that are no different from ordinary citizens, eat only human meat. In the news daily report about new victims, but the Japanese strive to not prone in panic and to live, as Ken Kaneki got up the courage and invited a pretty girl to the cafe. After a pleasant evening the guy offers to spend Rize, Casimiro home. He did not even know that the sweet and well – read interlocutor is one of the terrible ghouls.after Luring a new acquaintance into a deserted alley, Rize reveals a terrible secret and is going to eat Ken. She wounds the guy, but does not manage to kill because from a roof of a high-rise building on them iron pipes fall. Students are taken to the hospital. They are in critical condition, and the doctor decides to transplant the rest of the internal organs of Rize.after returning home, Kaneki realizes that he has become one of those monsters. Now he is a Tokyo ghoul who is tormented by a constant feeling of hunger. It is impossible to satisfy the usual food. Ken craves human meat.instinctively, the guy tries to eat a random passer-by, but suddenly stops. He understands that if you kill a man, then there is no going back. Kaneki is about to return home, but meets with Touka, another monster. She brings him to Mr. Yoshimura. An elderly owner of the cafe offers Ken to work as a waiter, and in return shows the guy how to get rid of hunger.Kaneki Gradually meets the rest of the staff at the cafe. They are all monsters who try to live like ordinary people. Ghouls go to school, pass exams, meet and even start families. It turns out that bloodthirsty predators are able to love and appreciate friends.rn

Gradually, the Kaneko realizes Yoshimura, Touka and the rest became his real family. But now the guy has to make a difficult choice: to remain kind and weak or to release the inner monster out.he must protect the ghouls, which were hunted by special police forces. The inspectors, armed span, mercilessly kill monsters and trying to find their hideout. One day they pay attention to Mr. Yoshimura's coffee shop and organize a round-up.People declared war on the ghouls and now Kaneki has no right to be weak. The guy turns into a monster and comes into the organization Tree Aogiri. She gathered the most powerful and gifted of the ghouls, which is opposed by special inspectors, and police. Now he will protect his family members. If he can.Tokyo ghoul watch online you need everyone who loves TV shows filled with deep meaning. The main character has to constantly overcome and break himself, to make a choice, which affects his life and the fate of others. He tries to show people that monsters also know how to suffer and love. Prove that ordinary citizens and ghouls are able to come to a compromise, to find a solution that will satisfy both sides. But no one wants to hear and understand Kaneki, who is trying to stop the war at any cost.