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  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Having started watching the Thai series "Together forever", the viewer gets acquainted with a young man named Itsara. He is incredibly active and purposeful, thanks to which he achieves stunning success. Despite his young age, he has already managed to build a successful business. Colleagues respect him, and the girls dream to take possession of his heart. Here only the Itsar have already found their love of life. And soon he is going to marry.Suddenly, the bride of the protagonist dies in a terrible car accident. Police are investigating and accidentally calls the culprit of Fhcraa, sibling Prifon. And soon he finds himself behind bars. Meanwhile, his sister has to take over the management of the family restaurant. At the same time, Itsar, being in a depressed state, decides to leave town. He returned a year later and accidentally catches the eye of Prifon and her family. Itsara decides to pretend to be poor and get a job in her restaurant. He has no idea what this could lead to.Watch the series "Together forever" on our website online and watch the further development of events.