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"Timon and Pumbaa" is a classic disney animated series, made in the best traditions of the Studio. The main attention is focused on a couple of friends: boar Pumbaa and Timon meerkat. Timon-funny animal, which is the brain of each operation. Pumbaa is his good friend with great physical strength, but by the nature of the simpleton. In the series occasionally appear other characters from the animated feature "the lion King": you can easily recognize them, but they usually play a minor role.Each episode shows two unrelated stories. Adventures are different every time, and the reason for their appearance, as a rule, is Timon. Pumbaa willingly helps him solve any problem.animated Series "Timon and Pumbaa" watch online is most convenient. On television, this iconic animated series is rarely shown. Despite a fairly decent age, this cartoon is still relevant and interesting not only for children but also teenagers and adults.it is Worth noting that the plots are quite diverse. Throughout the series there is not a single story that would be repeated. His themes are different: for example, some of the series is devoted to the production of food, and usually the Timon and Pumbaa collect a variety of colorful insects. Sometimes friends have to save the other inhabitants of the Savannah or themselves to get out of their difficult situations, for example, to fight with hyenas or help Simba. The scenery changes quite often due to trips, which commits the team.the Series has good animation. All characters and scenery are perfectly traced, please with bright paints and detailing. Well done and voice: in the Russian version of the characters speak the voices of famous actors who are selected sufficiently high quality.rn

Most of the stories are adventure, entertaining. In series there is easy, clear to children humour, there are no platitudes, some events are very instructive and can teach the child relationship with other people. All characters are humanized, have good facial expressions.friends often come to the aid of the wise baboon Rafiki, who can give valuable advice. There is a TV series and a negative character, Quint. He's a man and tries always to cheat, to substitute or to attack other characters. Most often from his action suffers Timon. Quint has a very good imagination, he does not appear in every episode, but his every appearance is a fresh image that it uses for camouflage. However, friends usually manage to expose the scammer. The character changes nicknames, although they are quite similar to one another. Harm Timon Or Pumbaa he usually tries to with cunning. The presence of this character adds dynamism to the plot, makes empathize with the main characters, and sometimes the villain, who is often generously forgiven.there is no need to draw an analogy between "the Lion King" and "Timon and Pumbaa". These are fundamentally different projects, United only by common characters. The show is entertaining, his story is not as deep and dramatic. Each series of "Timon and Pumbaa" is not related to the plot, except for some paired series.