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Successful businessman Adrian Doria has a good rest with his mistress, while his family stayed at home. But when he wakes up in his hotel room in the morning, he discovers Laura's cold body. Just a few minutes later, the police break in and arrest the businessman on charges of murder. All the evidence points to Adrian, his prints are all over the place, witnesses didn't see anyone leave the room, plus he was locked from the inside, and there are no other exits. Since the killer simply could not immediately evaporate, no one doubts that it was a young businessman who killed his mistress. Adrian himself remembers nothing about the events, but surely knows that he did not kill Laura. This tragic and rather confusing event turned his quiet life upside down. The hero faces a prison sentence, his business is collapsing, and his wife took the child and left him. Another problem is that no lawyer wants to take up this case, because no one doubts the guilt of Adrian, and the court will surely find him guilty. The hero is under house arrest awaiting trial. His last hope for salvation – Virginia Goodman, who was once a first-class lawyer. She now works as a witness training specialist, and this case will be her last in her career. Virginia will do her best to help her client and slam the door loudly before leaving for a well-deserved vacation.

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