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  • Drama
Not always scientific inventions can be appreciated by mankind. Unfortunately, some bring a lot of completely unnecessary problems. So it happened with such a unique invention as a time machine. If for some it has become a real miracle, which should be treated with great care, the other comes to mind to enslave humanity or even destroy the planet. Garcia Flynn, who is the Creator of the time machine, is one of those who crave absolute power, wealth, and to achieve their goals ready to use any means.the Evil genius set out on a journey through time, intending to completely change the history of the United States, which would allow him to destroy the state. Garcia is pretty tricky, treacherous criminal, to cope with which is quite difficult. To stop the genius, to prevent his evil plans going team of real professionals. The group of daredevils included a talented scientist Rufus Carlin, an experienced, courageous military Wyatt Logan, as well as the charming Lucy Preston, who is the most famous Professor of history. They have to go back in time to find the mad Flynn and prevent the death of his native state.

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