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Original Title: The Young Ones
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: BBC Two
Creators: Ben Elton,Alexei Sayle,Rik Mayall,Lise Mayer
Language: English
Description: Near future. In the world there have been small climatic changes, as a result of which farmers ' villages are in poor condition, because there is almost impossible to find fresh water. And if life in big cities has not changed, the small villages are experiencing very difficult times. In one of the North American States, farmer Ernest himself brings up an insecure son Jerome and daughter Mary, who is cared for is not the most pleasant type named Flam.One day Ernest buys himself a small robot, with which he is going to deliver special rations for workers who are engaged in drilling wells in remote areas of the village. And this purchase forever changes the life of the farmer and his family. At this time Flem develops a very cunning plan, which soon helps him to acquire all the surrounding land and become a powerful man. From this moment the life of all the characters changes dramatically, and begins a whole series of tragic and unpredictable events that will affect their future lives.

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