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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
For many years, the series "Wiretap" tops the list of the most brilliant creations of modern television. COP drama "the Wire" to watch online it will be interesting to anyone who likes twisted the center of the story is a special police unit, which is fighting organized crime. Local employees are aimed to bring to clean water the drug Lord Evon Barksdale and his powerful assistant Stringer bell. Himself Barksdale seems narrow-minded Mafioso, accustomed to work with his fists, but behind him is an is Gradually becoming clear that corrupt officials are also involved in the distribution of drugs through the streets of Baltimore. The city itself appears to be a grim and repulsive cloaca that destroys anyone who wants to fight the system.the main character of the series is detective Jimmy McNulty, who regularly gets involved in unpleasant stories because of his difficult character, as well as a tendency to alcoholism. Jimmy persuades his superiors to put bugs in all the offices of bell and Barksdale, in all their underground businesses and bars. However, to catch the cartel bosses is not so easy: all the efforts of the police are only small fry. And if we add to this the dismissal of McNulty due to indecent behavior on the service, the picture is altogether sad.Gradually, the plot unfolds, demonstrating that not only bandits and drug dealers have their vices in the city, but also officials, political activists and even ordinary workers. Disadvantages are the police: McNulty, an alcoholic, a cheater Kim Ramirez, trying to take advantage of all detective Ellis Carver. Despite the fact that the criminal pyramid begins to crumble, the police do not get any satisfaction from this, because their lives remain the same gloom.the show's Creator David Simon wanted to paint a depressing picture of a modern metropolis engulfed in vices and material vanity, and he succeeded.

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