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Unexplained events begin to occur in a small provincial town. Here the cause of the terrible murders was an imaginary friend of children. Claire Bennigan an agent of the Federal Bureau is investigating the deaths of people in which the main suspects are underage boys and girls. Shortly before the incident, the parents learned from their offspring that they communicate with an invisible creature. It is he who asks them to commit these terrible>at First, mother did not pay much attention to children's fantasy. But gradually they began to think about what was happening in the district. The city was swept by a wave of violent crimes. Some mothers and fathers went to a psychiatrist. Everyone was worried about the mind of his child, especially after a series of terrible cases associated with the unusual death of parents. Claire tries to forget about her personal tragedy. Most recently, she lost her husband. To recover as quickly as possible, she plunges headlong into the work. The heroine of the series "Whisper" focuses on the complex and extraordinary case, because she also has a son, referring to a mystical friend. Meanwhile, in the Sahara desert, the military find a strange object. The first examination suggests that he came from another planet. The found find is immediately associated with mysterious events, the investigation of which is engaged in Bennigan. Who is the true culprit of the strange behavior of children, and who manipulates their actions?

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