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Original Title: The Wannabes
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: ABC Me
Creators: Doreen Spicer
Language: English
Description: In 1992 on the streets of new York appeared an unknown small-time gangster who imagines himself a major authority. Thomas Greco is a real loser, for whom always idols were known mafia and large gangs. He dreams of becoming an influential person and, realizing his insignificance, tries to rectify the situation and become a respected person in the city. To do this, the hero has to do crazy things that can glorify him. Unlike typical bandits, Thomas prefers to wear stylish suits, as did the mafia of the past. One day Thomas meets a woman named rose, who begins to support the ambitious bandit in his endeavors and even makes him daring raids on various establishments. Despite all the risks, the hero is not going to stop there, because he has not yet achieved his goal and has not become the most famous bandit in the city. In parallel, the risk of being behind bars godfather of the new York mafia, John Gotti. Mafia is in the dock, and Thomas decides to help him escape prison. The hero begins to study the case, collect various rumors and even communicates with the jury. Greco hopes to help his idol and thus earn respect in the gangster environment. He could not imagine what the consequences will bring him the desire to be on the top of the criminal world.

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