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  • Genres:
  • Fantasy
  • Drama
  • Horror
  • Romance
The first season of the fantasy film "vampire Diaries" tells the story of Elena Gilbert. This seventeen-year-old girl cannot recover from the shock that overtook her four months ago. Her parents died in a terrible car accident. Elena was left alone with his younger brother Jeremy Gilbert "hands on". However, life goes on, and despite the bitterness of loss and the full support of his aunt, Elena needs to re - "join" in a normal life and attend school. Lessons, communication with classmates, public school life gradually shift the attention of the heroine in a different direction. Not having a release from the fans, beautiful Elena can afford to flirt with any of them.rnrnrnSmart, beautiful and talented girl also does not go unnoticed by the dark-haired handsome Stefan Salvatore. However why girl Elena enchantments don't apply to a beginner? And why does he always wear sunglasses? The main character has more questions than answers. With each new meeting it becomes more obvious to her-Stefan for some reason does not want to let in the charming girl in the life. In addition, Stephen's brother appears on the horizon, also showing a genuine interest in Elena. Can the main character find out the secret of her brothers?