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The film "earth core" is one of the hundreds of variations of paintings about the end of the world. It all starts with cataclysms: the birds are not oriented in space, the Northern lights in the lower latitudes, the sensors lie, people die in a strange way... As always, there are a couple of wise guys who will get to the truth. These clever scientists Josh Kiisa and Serge Leveque. Making a huge analytical work, scientists come to the conclusion that the cause of all ills lies in the heart of the Earth - in the core. It constantly rotates the upper shell for unknown reasons, stopped. How to "repair" the kernel? To come up with a plan and implement it in group of scientists and their assistants only three months. If you do not have time, the Sun will burn our planet. The only way to escape is to get to the core of the Earth and blow up the nuclear charge. The team of "rescuers" goes on a journey to the center of the Earth. They do not even know how many dangers they will have to endure, which of the crew to lose... The film is filled with impressive special effects. For fans of science fiction with fascinating music "Earth core" is a great option for spending time.

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