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The movie "Bumblebee" will tell about the fate of one of the Autobots that help humanity to withstand the cosmic threat that comes from the Decepticons. The war between a powerful alien race transformers led to the destruction of their home planet Cybertron. The inhabitants of the destroyed world are forced to look for a new home, but the Decepticons are trying to win a place under the sun by force, the Autobots are trying to coexist peacefully with representatives of other civilizations. Earth attracts aliens inexhaustible supply of natural resources, in addition, there are several hidden ancient artifacts that can reverse the outcome of centuries of confrontation.Bumblebee fights on the side of the Autobot commander Optimus Prime and after another victory decides to stay on the ground, attached to a new friend. However, representatives of humanity are tired of acting as a bargaining chip in the battles of giant robots. The government creates a secret organization of CFPS - the power to Eliminate Transformers. This group is going to clean the planet from intruders, so pursuing a deliberate trapping and the destruction of the Autobots, despite their past achievements. The leaders of the organization to make a deal with Megatron, who sees the chance to eliminate old enemies. Watch the movie "Bumblebee" and learn about a new round of battle transformers.

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