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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Science Fiction
  • Mystery
When the plane arrived at the airport on schedule, no one paid much attention to it, but very soon everyone was alarmed. Because of it no one came. When a huge number of experts came on Board, it became clear that there is no one to help, because all have long been dead. But it didn't end there either. It did not take much time as all the dead began to rise. As it turned out, it's all the work of the ancient vampire, who decided that it was time to destroy humanity and populate the planet with their children, but he did not take into account one thing that people just do not give up and certainly there is someone who will try to create a vaccine. Dr. Goodweather has become a vampire's sworn enemy and now he intends to remove the obstacle from his path as soon as possible, so that no one interferes with his plan. But he had to accept the fact that so easy to him no one will take over the world. Moreover, with him very soon wished to come together another creature. Now between them will be a real war and no one is going to give in to another. Who will come out of it a winner and what is really waiting for humanity? Will the ancient vampire make his old dream come true or will he not be allowed to do it and people will be able to escape this time?

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