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  • Drama
Strange guy kidnaps three teenage friends right from the supermarket Parking lot. The girls come to their senses and realize that kidnapped their psychopath locked them in some isolated room, out of which is not possible. Soon they get acquainted with their kidnapper – they think cute, at first glance, a guy named Kevin. Later, the heroine realize that in the body of their kidnapper at the same time get along about two dozen different personalities who are trying to interact with each other, and sometimes enter into conflicts. Each of the many personalities in their looks at the abduction of girls, but none of them dares to help them, because it is very angry Monster.Gradually, the heroes realize that they are waiting for a terrible fate - to become victims of the dominant personality that gives orders to others. To survive, the girls should try to improve relations with other, less violent personalities Kevin, but it will be very difficult, because they are all afraid of the wrath of the Monster. Soon, the monster will finally Wake up, and then nobody will be able to avoid death. Can friends find the strength and get free until it's too late?

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