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Before your attention is an exciting story that keeps the audience in suspense the whole story. Watch Snowden 2016 movie online. Thanks to the intrigue that exists throughout the plot, the end of the film is very exciting. The most interesting will be in the final. You will meet the main character, who in the past worked for the CIA, he betrayed his colleagues at a time when no one was waiting. The man gave the press classified material, after which he was sent in pursuit of agents that they killed him. That's just a tough kid and very competently and carefully began to disappear. While fleeing from the United States, he sang to visit different countries, and was for three weeks in Russia, where he liked. The guy lived at the airport in Moscow and there he was very attentive and friendly people, the main character is pleasantly surprised. How to be further to the main character? After all return home for him meant death. The main character has repeatedly regretted his act, which changed his life so much, but nothing can be returned. Despite the fact that the time does not return, errors must be corrected. What action is necessary to make the main character to get out of this situation alive? Picture Escape is very similar to this, as it also guys are trying to hide from justice.