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  • Genres:
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Graduation is a loud and important event in the life of any person, whether it is the end of kindergarten or graduation from the University. Hannah and Julie,two best friends, at the end of high school decided how to celebrate this event with a sleepover. The reasons they had more than enough: first, ahead of the holidays, and secondly, left behind another school, and thirdly, Hannah was waiting for the move, and she and Julie wanted to finally have fun. Having gathered a close company, the girls settled at Julie's house, but they did not have time to start the planned cultural program, as all plans were violated by the appearance of their friend Stacy. She offered to sneak out of the house a secret from watchful parents to walk around different haunts of Vice and to arrange a team competition – the so-called "hunting list". Without thinking twice, the girls agreed to this adventure and went in search of adventure, which turned out to be much more insane than Julie and Hannah could imagine.

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