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Original Title: The Shannara Chronicles
Channel: MTV,Spike
Creators: Miles Millar,Alfred Gough
Language: English
Description: To sound more like the best fantasy work of all times and peoples, the film adaptation of Chronicles filmed in New Zealand, where I used to ride the Peter Jackson along with the hobbits of middle-earth. The result is a very exciting fantasy action, which probably will last for many seasons (the original work has five cycles and fourteen novels). the Epic war of the races died down three hundred years ago and through heroic efforts evil was thrown into a parallel world. Now it keeps in captivity a sacred magical tree Ehlkris, and the world of the living can sleep peacefully. But now the evil forces have risen from a century of imprisonment and are preparing a new attack on the Kingdom of the Four lands.Black magic erodes the forces of the mighty efilsky guard and only a handful of brave men are able to stand in the way of a large-scale invasion of demons.Elkris dies, slowly and hopelessly. Sacred sorcery that can extend the life of the tree, long since forgotten, but there are a select few heroes that are willing to risk all, and find the path to the source of light magic. The elf emberly, the half-elf half-man Wil, the brave Eretria and the mighty druid Allanon combine their skills and talents to make an epic journey and stop the end of the world.

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