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The events of the film take the viewer to distant times, when in every state there were valiant knights guarding the peace of the king and helping him to strictly maintain peace in the territories entrusted to him.

the Kingdom of Lioness is famous for its variety of magical creatures that inhabit the dense forests and wide fields, and sometimes beautiful fairies and frightening ghosts of one kind can disturb the peace of the locals.

but the main villains of a prosperous country were once the seven deadly sins that had long served the sovereign faithfully. They made a coup in the castle, killed the monarch and declared themselves managers. Their opponents, The Holy knights, were able to drive out of the usurpers ' possessions. Among the common people there were rumors that none of their sins could not survive.

but the victory of the brave retinue of the crowned person meant the establishment of tyranny in the fairy world. Ruthless warriors enslaved the industrious peasants and high-ranking nobles, had established the most severe laws, and destroyed the entire Royal family. The leader of the invaders, the great knight Hendrickson now dominates Lioness.

Miraculously escaped from the vengeful traitors younger Princess Elizabeth sincerely believes that the key characters of the film "Seven deadly sins watch online" alive and hoping for their support. 10 years after the terrible events, when the heiress grew up, she goes on a long journey around the world to bring together the first invincible fighters for justice. Other allies, to the army of Hendrickson, the girl doesn't know.

the first to get in the way of the disconcerted heiress was the owner of a small bar on a wagon. Meliodas, the owner of the "Boar hat", peaceful and reasonable man, who has no weapons. He is the strongest of all sins, and hearing the details of what is happening at home, decided to continue to protect Elizabeth. Now created a tandem to visit the city of the Dead, fight the villains in white and win an unconditional victory in unusual races.