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In the distant future, earthlings are experiencing the Apocalypse predicted by many scientists. The planet's climate is changing dramatically, plants and animals are disappearing, which leads to a lack of food. People are beginning to starve and die of exhaustion, survivors are in complete despair of the despair that is happening. The new government decides to look at the problem from a different angle and takes the only right decision. Due to overpopulation of the Earth and lack of resources to ensure normal life of mankind, married couples are allowed to have only one child. Demographic policy applies to all without exception. Violation of this requirement is strictly punishable by law. If there are children in families who exceed the established norms, they are withdrawn from irresponsible parents and immersed in a deep sleep. You can watch online Secret of the 7 sisters in good quality for free, without registration.In these difficult times, seven twin sisters are born in one family at once. The father is incredibly happy with the birth of children and at the same time frightened. Six newborns will undoubtedly be selected by the special public service as soon as it learns about their occurrence. Parents decide to take a desperate step and leave all the girls. They give the crumbs names for the days of the week. To hide from others the presence in the family of such a large number of children, adults come up with an interesting way to deceive society. Children appear on the street among people every day of the week corresponding to her name. Years go by, grown up and adult girls continue to take turns to leave the walls of his home once a week. But once there is a misfortune, breaks a habitual cycle of existence. Monday disappears without a trace.

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