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The fourth season will continue to talk about the famous Royal family, which is not easy. The British Queen is very worried that all the descendants of the Royal family do not behave properly. They are not using their privileges properly. After all, many of them believe that if they do not have to become rulers then they do not need to think about how to behave differently. Everything changes at a time when the eldest heir to the throne suddenly dies. This means that everyone will have to accept the fact that they cannot continue to behave as carelessly as before. but despite all the changes, the guys still do not fully understand why they should infringe on something and deny themselves the pleasure. After all, they want exactly the same as the rest of the kids to enjoy all sorts of benefits and pleasures available. It seems the words of the ruler are not much the guys understand that makes you worry about the fact that the country will not remain in safe hands and the king himself. The truth is the parents are the heirs, themselves remember at this age and it seems that they are concerned about how their children behave. But how will the relations of this family develop further and what awaits them?

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