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"The Romanoffs" – the art TV format anthology from Matthew Weiner, the author of the popular drama show "Mad men" has won many prestigious awards, including "Emmy" and "Golden globe". nThis is the story of the people who live in modern society, and consider themselves descendants of a famous Royal dynasty of the Romanovs. The stories shown in some episodes, there was no relationship between neither the characters nor the storyline. n

In 1917, when the October revolution came to power, the Bolsheviks, the 18 members of the Romanov family were killed and the rest were in exile. Many moved to the United States and France, and to the last hoped to return to his native land. This project is an attempt of the Director to answer the question, what happened to the descendants of the Romanovs, where they now live, and if they feel a connection with their ancestors a century later. n

Each new episode tells us about the new characters and their lives. Do they remember their ancestry? If they thought about returning to Russia? Do you feel the bitterness of that once great Royal dynasty was forced to flee and live in exile? n

"the Romanovs" is not historical, and certainly not a political show. It's just ordinary stories about the people who are the descendants of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II.