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Each person has his favorite holiday, with which he associates something bright, warm and kind. For some it's Christmas, for some - New year, and for some - Thanksgiving. Each holiday has some value,and its history. For example, thanksgiving Is a Day on which everyone thanks each other, dear people gather at the table, and the main dish is a baked Turkey.Over this picture worked 9 professional Directors, each of which contributed in it history one holiday. And as a result they made a film about 9 different holiday stories, but only with their black side. Here, for example, one of them: in the classroom, a teacher of primary school talks about the day of St. Patrick, whose birthplace is Ireland, and according to legend, St. Patrick cleared her land from the terrible snakes. The teacher has always perceived this expression in a figurative sense, but the new strange student in the class says something completely different, and knows much more about it. Or here's another story. Great Christmas holiday. Great mood, a lot of gifts, beautiful Christmas tree, the most dear and dear people gathered at the festive table...and a maniac dressed as a clown. He'll kill everyone, nothing will stop him...The next story is about a girl who is engaged in the sports section in the pool and secretly in love with her coach, who urgently needs a heart transplant. Classmates consider her a loser and constantly scoff at her. Max can not take it anymore and decides to end this ridicule than just help your beloved to find a new life and a new heart.What other holidays have a black side? What else terrible and terrible Directors prepared for you?

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