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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
American mystic-adventure series "the River" to remove in pseudo-documentary spirit. The plot begins with the fact that in South America, in the mysterious territory of the Amazon lost Dr. Emmett Cole – TV presenter, a famous researcher of all mysterious and paranormal. Looking for him doesn't lead to anything. However, six months later, the traveler's wife, Tess and their son Lincoln receive some news that gives them hope that Emmet may still be alive.nnEnergetic Tess immediately organizes a new search expedition, which in addition to her and her son are friends of Cole - the same researchers. They go in the footsteps of the missing scientist, at every step faced with unexplained incidents. Members of the expedition will steal spirits, they will meet with the walking dead, will face a Ghost ship.nnMuch of what they will see on the Amazon lands is beyond logical explanation. Danger will be waiting for them any minute. And only Tess's love and obsession will make them go all the way. Will all the members of the expedition survive, cope with the horrors that have fallen on them and find Emmett Cole? Watch and find out for yourself.