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United States of the nineteenth century. The brave hunter Hugh glass together with his son and other conquerors of the new lands travels through the unknown expanses of the Wild West. After long wanderings and losses, the group appears, apparently, in safety. Suddenly, the hero is attacked by a huge bear, who begins to torture his victim. Hugh shoots back from the predator, struggling to fend him off, but in the end gets fatal wounds, at least, so believed. But his son decided not to leave a loved one in the forest and together with a few other people started to pull him on a makeshift stretcher, greatly slowing down the speed of the entire group.One of the members of the group named John Fitzgerald decides to Rob the wounded glass. He kills his son, and he throws himself in a small grave and throw the earth. Hugh, it would seem, there is no chance of survival, but he shows his unyielding character, the will to live and the desire to take revenge on the offenders. The hero will have to fight with severe cold, wildlife, terrible pain and wild Indian tribes. And all this he does to find and destroy those who took from him all that he loves. His main goal-John Fitzgerald, who does not even know that Hugh survived and goes after him.