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As a ten-year-old child, Joanna was in a terrible car accident. Since then, she began to pursue the same vision in which she sees an unknown man brutally killing some woman. These visions are so strong and realistic that every time she is experiencing the last moments of life unhappy, thus inflicting self-injury similar to the injuries of the victim. This went on until Joanna grew up and moved to another city. Her visions have since become much weaker, he almost does not remember them, and lives a quiet life.But once the heroine is forced to leave for work in his hometown, where she has not been for many years. The hotel, where the girl settles, is very similar to the place of her old visions. At the same time her nightmares come back to her with a new force, they become more real than ever. Joanna already has difficulty distinguishing their vision of what's really going on. She is beginning to strongly pass through and fear for himself. Then she decides that she must understand everything, because now her life is in danger. Will he be able to solve the mystery that for many years does not allow her to live in peace?

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