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The film "Body" describes the dilemma of Kira, whose body has experienced a disease unknown to science. At first she did not pay special attention to lesnomu health. Feeling unwell, she considered it only a sign of fatigue. Later, there were strange symptoms. It took a visit to a medical facility. The diagnosis of the girl of doctors was a surprise. The specialists who conducted the survey could not find arguments for optimism. They just have to be sincere with the girl, telling her the bitter truth. A disease unknown to modern science. In the current environment, treatment is not possible. Doctors managed to find the cause of the disease later. However, the information obtained does not allow to take any effective steps to correct the situation.An unknown type of virus has entered the patient's body. Not yet created an antidote that can destroy the parasite, to correct its effects of interference in the functioning of the human organs. Kira had to wait, without losing hope. Previously, the disease manifested itself only internally, causing pain, severe malaise. Now the situation has repeatedly complicated, there were external symptoms. Aging of the skin and its shedding leads the girl into a state of wild terror. The only salvation is a skin transplant. To perform such an operation, you need a donor. The patient will have to kill a man or wait for his own painful death. Watch the movie "Replacement" and find out what choice Kira made.

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