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  • Genres:
  • Drama
Young and attractive Ellen devoted herself to work becoming a famous and sought-after architect. But when she managed to conclude one of the largest and highest paid contracts in her life, the girl suddenly found that she was pregnant. Continue to work it can not, as well as to refuse the order, so without thinking twice decides to find a replacement. The project is long and she just had time to come back after the birth. In his place, Ellen sits Paul, his age, which at one time made a very different choice. She decided to give birth first, and then take up the arrangement of a career and now she has a ten-year-old child and lacks only a stable job. And in the last Floor ready to fight. Initially, the girl like Ellen for their diligence and obedience, but soon the light show through her real features. Paula suddenly decides to do everything to keep the project for her, and Ellen was not able to return to him, what the latter begins to guess when he gets into an alleged accidental accident, because of which he almost lost his life.