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A California resident Sean Brumder loves to surf, relax with friends and just have fun. He doesn't think much about his future until one day he finds a copy of Marcus Skinner's book on the beach. This finding completely changes the guy's life. Now he dreams of becoming a writer, for this he is going to go to Stanford University, which just teaches Marcus Skinner. Sean's documents are sent to the school, he has almost no doubt that it will be, because in his years he has already managed to write a wonderful story. But all the guy's dreams are shattered the moment he finds out that because of a mistake, Stanford did not send his documents, and one not too smart guy.Sean tries to fix a mistake with the papers, but all his attempts fail. And after a series of failures, he has no choice but to rush to the coveted University. He has only one day to get with his brother and girlfriend to the destination and try to fix it. But it will not be easy, because on the road anything can happen, especially if your brother, who sits behind the wheel, not very friendly with his head. Will Sean be able to correct an unfortunate misunderstanding and fulfill his dream of becoming a writer?

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