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  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Channel: Bravo
Language: English
Description: "Trainee" - tape, which compares favorably with their counterparts in the genre of cinema. It has everything: history, actors, soul. After all, it is very important that in the 2016 film there was a soul, as the presence of a second plan, or volume. That allows the viewer to enjoy the fact of communication with the object of art. A huge plus of the picture are two great acting works by Robert de Niro and Anne Hathaway. The plot is simple and tells how the American social program can be claimed experience and knowledge of pensioners. In his 70 years, Ben Whitaker was left alone. He is lean, agile, witty and can understand and accept everything. He participates in a social program and becomes an Intern in one of the design companies. As he is easily able to avoid sharp corners unobtrusively becomes necessary to help, without attracting attention. An amazing property of character, which immediately causes trust and sympathy. Anne Hathaway plays a business woman Jules Austin. She's the owner of a fashion store website. Very busy lady who does not have time to sleep, eat, live. In General, in the end, the characters found mutual understanding, made friends and helped each other. The viewer is so imbued with the plot and the concerns of the characters that it does not follow the time. Whoops! It's over. Wish...

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