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Series-dystopia "The Purge", based on the eponymous series of films directed by James Demonaco, talks about the unusual formations in the US mid-20-ies of the XXI century. After surviving a serious economic crisis, the U.S. government uses a 28 amendment of the Constitution to establish totalitarian control over the state, and to impose the rule of "the purge." nn

once a year, on 21 March, exactly 12 hours all crimes, including murder, robbery and looting are legitimate, and all law enforcement agencies and emergency services during this period of time not to go on calls. This Orgy of government explains the necessity of the correction amount of the population, eliminate unemployment, and General improvement in the welfare of citizens. Managers use the following logic: the rich will be able to protect yourself, installing a quality security system and the hiring of bodyguards, while the poor and other anti-social elements after each "cleaning" becomes much smaller, which improves economic performance. This approach allows us to reduce unemployment to 1 per cent, and a record lower number of crimes in "peace" time. nn

Everyone is preparing for the most important day of the year in their own way. Jane is going to eliminate anyone who interferes with her career growth in the Finance company, which she has devoted many years of life. To do this, she hires a Hitman, who has high hopes. A former marine Miguel returns home to protect his sister Penelope, joined the sect of fans of "cleansing". Jenna absolutely different opinion about the purge, including its most vile manifestation of authoritarianism. The evening of 21 March, she selects from their walls in the hope something change for the better. nn

"Judgment night" – action television series, which was developed by the Creator of the original franchise.

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