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  • Genres:
  • Drama
The plot of the series revolves around Chicago 60-ies – a place that at that time was impregnated with crime at times more than any other city in the United States. The main character named Maureen wants to provide for themselves, to have a permanent and large earnings, so that nothing is needed, so she gets into one of the most pathetic and expensive institutions – night club Playboy. Here revolves the entire elite of the city, its ruling elite and in order to keep up with the leading persons, lawyer Nick Dalton also accepted to visit the club. Very quickly with Maureen they find common themes for conversation, and canvassed and slowly, but, it seems, something erupts between them. However, the trick Bruno Bianchi, head of the local mafia, considerably complicates the situation. While harassment to Maureen he gets back, and accidental drop leads to death. Knowing that close Bruno will make a girl for that, Nick hurries to hide the body and conceal all traces of evidence. However, the mafia will not rest until revenge, so Dalton has to be always on the alert, while calming Maureen, so that she did not accidentally spill the beans.