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Original Title: The Path
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Channel: Hulu
Creators: Jessica Goldberg
Language: English
Description: Dramatic mystery Thriller with three actors of the highest category starring Hugh Dancy, Aaron Paul and Michelle Monaghan play the key characters by which the authors tell the story of an imaginary cult of maierato. The cult is fictional, but the technologies and mechanisms of suppressing the will and alternative thinking are real, so the audience is waiting for an exciting, instructive story about how sectarians live and why they are so happy and serene. For the time being...Eddie lane is quite happy with his life – he is married, has two lovely children, they live in a community of mayerists – a cult preaching care of the planet, vegetarianism and many other right things. The leader of the organization is cal Roberts, who replaces the founder of the movement Steven Meyer, who went on important business in South America. this cloudless idyll for Eddie breaks off when the revelation descends on him – they live in captivity of deception, bewitched by the dexterous, insidious puppeteer cal, who turned an initially good idea into a villainous plan with far-reaching consequences. This mystical experience ed knew under the influence of drugs, so the revealed truth is pronounced speculative and even his own wife does not believe in the revealing stories of her husband. However, what about the fact that Meyer, who went to the path of enlightenment, the leader of the sect, is not in Peru, but at death somewhere in an ordinary hospital next>the Sect lost faith in the movement and especially its present pastor cal, starting to attempt to understand what is really going on in the community of maierato.

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