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1099, the end of the first crusade. Christian knights lay waste to Jerusalem, mercilessly killing local residents. One of the knights – Charles Le Weylan demoralized horrors of war, and decides to create a new peaceful religious sect. She unites Christians, Jews and Muslims and Charles is for his followers the sacred texts of the Order. However, the Church does not want to tolerate heretics – murderers broke into the fortress of Le Weilan and many of his people. The head of the Order killed, sacred texts stolen. But their last Chapter is lost somewhere in the desert.modern Israel. A small contingent of followers of a peaceful religion continues to practice the ancient teachings. However, one of the disciples – Cyrus – perverted thoughts about his fraternity. He planned to become the father of chaos, plunging humanity into a bloody reign of terror. But we will continue to watch the film The mystery of the order in good quality for free – at the same time, a brutal adventurer named Rudy Kafmayer goes to Israel, where his father, an archaeologist and Museum curator, who was engaged in the study of the history of the ancient Order, disappeared without a trace. In the Ore there is an ancient map showing the location of ancient Jewish treasures, powerful biceps and a passionate desire to find out the fate of his father. He will have to stop the crazy Cyrus and find the sacred texts.

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