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Watch the series "Office" can be at least for the brilliant Steve Carell, who has a lot of fans around the world. The project in a caricature manner tells about the life of a modern office worker under constant stress.the Dunder Mifflin team is engaged in the production of paper products, and they are not doing well. Not only that, the business is gradually becoming unprofitable, so also their boss used to behave inadequately. Mr. Michael Scott holds the position of regional Manager, and can afford literally everything from the sudden dismissal of employees to kissing them.Around Michael tries to convince that in his office the positive atmosphere reigns allowing everyone to show in the best way the talents. In fact, employees often conflict, while considering his boss almost crazyhis closest aides, Dwight Schrute and Jim Halpert, are having a hard time getting the company out of the crisis all the time, while covering for their own boss. This turns out to be particularly difficult, provided that Jim is annoyed by Dwight, who is a know-it-all. Due to conflicts children often rises, resulting in a reprimand for everyone. And while all the staff froze in anticipation of dismissal, Jim decided to have an affair with the charming pam. The presence of pam young man does not stop him, and in the office in addition to working force majeure there are reasons for the quarrel on the basis of personal relationships. Pam herself works as a Secretary to Michael Scott and is forced to put up with his indifference and strange jokes, bordering on the norms of decency.Michael Scott, who is already used to shocking the public, decides to have an affair with his immediate boss, authoritarian Jen Levinson. Their relationship is contrary to the working code and can put an end to the career of both. However, this circumstance does not stop the reckless Michael. In addition, it is thanks to his girlfriend, he learns that the branch of the company, where Mr. Scott holds the post of Manager, are going to close. Now Michael and his team will have to work hard to save their own company from imminent merger with other offices.