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The main attraction and value of a small Australian town is penguins, which nest on a small rocky island called Middle. For years, the townspeople have crossed the shallow channel to the island to watch hundreds of little penguins return home. Everything was good exactly until, until one day a Fox do not understand that, too, can get to the island. They opened a real hunt for penguins, gradually reducing their population. In a few years, thousands of penguins have disappeared,and on the island there are no more than twenty individuals. Employees reserve struggling to save the city's Pets, but all their attempts end in failure. If the island will be less than ten individuals, it will lose the status of the reserve, and at the same time the city will lose their Pets and the main attractions.One day the father of one of the servants of the reserve finds a penguin and takes him to his home to leave the wounded baby, but even there comes a Fox, and the man is surprised to understand that his restless dog named Crank protects a helpless creature and is able to drive the Fox. A man and his granddaughter Olivia begins to secretly train the Eccentric, the restless and soon this dog was a pest becomes the last hope to save the penguins.

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